Alpine Green Solutions recognizes that an educated customer is our best customer. Education is a fundamental part of our success as a company. For over ten years we have been educating the public about green building, energy efficiency and sustainability. We are proud of our role as educators and continually seek opportunities to share our knowledge and expertise with the community.

Alpine is proud to be affiliated with Cleanedison; a professional development and training company who offers an extensive selection of courses nationwide. We provide green training and LEED prep through Cleanedison and encourage clients to view their full catalog of course offerings.

Alpine has experience developing customized training and course material for businesses and institutions. Contact Alpine if there is a specific topic area where you would like course material developed.

Alpine staff is available to speak on a variety of topics at seminars, conferences and trade shows. Topics of expertise include green buildings, LEED, energy efficiency, sustainability, and green commercial and residential construction.

Contact Alpine at 888.512.5746 to discuss training and presentation opportunities.