Energy Efficiency

Make your business more energy efficient. Alpine knows how to reduce energy and how to get the most out of the energy dollars you spend. We help customers implement energy conservation measures that reduce operating costs, improve building performance, and increase the value of their facilities.

The guiding principles we use to develop effective energy management strategies are: reduce energy demand through the smart design of buildings and systems, generate energy onsite whenever possible, actively maintain and manage building systems, and be strategic about long-term energy supply. We apply these principles to existing buildings and new construction alike.

Alpine provides a suite of services that help customers reduce energy consumption and manage energy use. Alpine’s managed energy solutions achieve results not attainable from traditional energy efficiency measures.

ENERGY AUDITS: Alpine conducts ASHRAE Level I & II audits that give customers and lenders the information they need to make informed decisions about energy efficiency improvements. We use experienced technicians to inspect and evaluate building systems. We also offer a streamlined version of these services for residential customers.

RETROFIT PROGRAMS: Energy efficiency decreases as building systems age. Alpine can help customers upgrade older equipment and identify appropriate new technology and systems for their buildings. We manage all aspects of the design, specification and installation of new equipment, and use experienced contractors. We have retrofit programs for lighting, HVAC, and refrigeration. Additional retrofits of insulation, roofing, windows and doors can also be effective ways to make your building more energy efficient. Our integrated approach to building performance allows us to choose the right combination of energy efficiency measures for every building and circumstance. We offer quick and easy, cost effective programs for small businesses as well as deep energy retrofit programs such as our Alpine Energy Partners Program.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT: Alpine’s managed energy solutions help customers control energy costs over time. We develop individualized strategies to reduce reliance on utility supplied energy and work with clients to procure reliable, predictable, and cost effective power. Alpine’s energy management solutions, coupled with our energy retrofit financing options, provide a compelling solution for customers who are interested in a comprehensive approach to managing their energy needs.

ENERGY MONITORING: Good information is critical for maintaining building systems and improving building energy performance. Alpine offers energy monitoring solutions that give clients the tools to better manage energy use. We partner with one of the leading providers of energy monitoring systems to provide reliable data on your building’s performance.

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