What sets Alpine Green Solutions apart from many other green consulting and energy companies is our ability to provide turnkey solutions and financing for energy retrofit projects.

Project funding is available for energy efficiency and sustainable development projects. Projects that demonstrate comprehensive thinking and a progressive attitude towards green building, energy efficiency and sustainable development are attractive investment opportunities for a growing portion of the private investment community.

Alpine has cultivated a number of relationships with investors and investment groups interested in green projects. Through extensive dialogue and review, funding partners know that our involvement helps address certain financial and environmental risk factors inherent in these types of projects. Our emphasis on positive cashflow and measurable outcomes satisfies many of the concerns lenders have.

Financing is available for many whole building retrofit projects. These programs require only a modest equity investment and good customer credit. Investors are repaid using energy savings generated, and the program is managed by Alpine over a fixed contract term. Contracts for these types of projects generally run 10 – 15 years, and are structured as an operational lease for the term of contract. At the end of the term all upgrades revert, at fair market value, to the building owner.

The Alpine Energy Partners Program© offers clients fixed annual energy savings. Green Team services and a robust maintenance program provide additional value. All financial transactions are transparent and managed by a third party financial institution.

Alpine also offers lease payment options that are well suited for our small business programs. Traditional finance options can also be arranged.

As is true with any lender, our funding partners still perform their standard due diligence on the strength of the project, development team, collateral, cash flow, etc. Alpine cannot guarantee funding for all projects. But we work closely with clients to find the best solutions for moving their projects forward.

Contact Alpine at 888.512.5746 to discuss which financing programs and options that may be right for you.