Managed Energy solutions

Alpine provides Managed Energy Solutions to help customers control the cost and demand for energy over time. We develop a customized strategy to reduce reliance on utility-supplied energy and we work with customers to procure reliable, predictable, and cost effective energy.

Managed Energy Solutions reduce costs by reducing energy demand and by using competitive purchasing to purchase power in deregulated markets. Alpine’s energy management solutions, coupled with our energy retrofit financing options, provide a compelling solution for clients who want to green their building and building operations.

Energy Procurement: Alpine works with strategic partner Lightning Energy Solutions to competitively purchase electricity and natural gas nationwide. Together we have been able to save clients thousands of dollars per month on their electricity and natural gas bills. We continually look at energy markets to determine trends in utility rate pricing and work closely with our clients to procure the best pricing and value.

Demand Response: Many Utilities offer demand response programs to help offset peak demand on the grid. Alpine works with partners to develop the appropriate demand response program for our clients. In states with tiered rate structures, Alpine combines demand response with other energy reduction strategies to position our client’s buildings to qualify for lower utility rates.

Energy Monitoring: Alpine offers real-time energy monitoring services that help clients operate their buildings more efficiently and economically. Real-time data collection is an effective tool to help client’s fine-tune building operations. Energy monitoring provides an overview of critical building systems and serves as a proactive warning system for equipment malfunctions. Energy monitoring provides data collection and validation of energy efficiency measures and is critical for clients who want to demonstrate performance or measure carbon reduction. Contact Alpine at 888.512.5746 for more details

Onsite Energy Generation: The investment in onsite energy generation provides long-term benefit by reducing energy costs and is an effective way to counter energy price volatility. Renewable energy systems are an important part of a building-based energy management strategy. Alpine can provide turnkey project development and financing for solar and wind projects at any scale. Contact Alpine at 888.512.5746 for more details

Packaged Programs: Alpine offers packaged programs of managed energy solutions as part of the Alpine Energy Partners Program©. Packaged programs can be customized for any building and circumstance. Contact Alpine at 888.512.5746 for more details