Small Business Programs

Alpine Green Solutions offers a variety of energy efficiency programs for small businesses. These programs are easy to implement, require only modest investment, and have short contract terms. Our small business programs can cut energy costs and are a cost-effective way to renovate and improve your business. Our lease finance options are designed to be cashflow positive and help small business owners better manage their energy costs. Call Alpine at 888.512.5746 to learn more about how these programs can help your business and to schedule a walkthrough of your facilities.

Restaurants and Convenience Stores: Alpine has put together an energy efficiency program specifically targeting convenience stores and small restaurants. The program is based on a five-year commercial lease agreement and is designed to be cashflow positive from the start; where energy cost savings are greater than the monthly lease payment. The program upgrades lighting, performs a tune-up and repair on existing HVAC equipment, and optimizes the performance of refrigeration equipment. Alpine guarantees all lamps it installs for the life of the contract and provides Green Team maintenance on the equipment it installs. Call Alpine at 888.512.5746 to find out if this program is right for you.

Alpine Retail Energy Retrofits For Small Retailers

Alpine Retail Energy Retrofits for Restaurants

Solar Canopy Parking: Alpine provides turnkey design and installation of solar covered parking. This program is ideally suited for clients who want to offer a premium service to customers and tenants, while reducing energy costs. This is a popular program in Western states that adds value to any property. Financing, maintenance and service contracts are available. Call Alpine at 888.512.5746 for more details.

Electric Car Charging Stations: Alpine has partners on both coasts that will install and manage electric car charging stations on your property. Charging stations are fast becoming a customer necessity. Charging stations are managed and maintained by a third party and can generate revenue for your business. Call Alpine at 888.512.5746 for more details.