IT’S OFFICIAL:                                         

  • 4/5/2013: All Star Volvo, Baton Rouge LA. achieves LEED Silver Certification


  • Chino Fire Station #1, Chino CA.
  • Chino Fire Station #7, Chino CA.
  • Signal Hill Police Station, Signal Hill CA.
  • Fontana Fire Station, Fontana CA.
  • 133 Greenwich St. Marriott Courtyard Hotel, New York NY.

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LEED is changing how we design, build and operate buildings. Alpine has the experience and expertise to help you navigate these changes. We know LEED well and we can help you meet any LEED requirement your project has.

LEED FOR CONTRACTORS                                                                                             The construction industry is competitive and contractors need to stay ahead of changes in the industry. LEED has transformed how buildings are designed, and is changing how they are constructed. The number of LEED projects is growing every day. It is now common to see LEED requirements when projects go out to bid. How you manage these requirements is crucial in order to stay ahead of the competition. Alpine can give you a competitive advantage.

Alpine stays abreast of all the changing requirements of LEED. New changes are on the horizon that contractors need to know about. Alpine Construction Services have been helping contractors meet LEED project requirements for the past 10 years, through all the changes in the LEED Rating System and changes in the construction industry.

Our staff of LEED Accredited Professionals knows their stuff. We know how to collect, report, and deliver the information that project teams require. We train, educate, and guide contractors on what they need to know and what they need to do.

Alpine Construction Services is an efficient and cost-effective approach for meeting LEED requirements. You and your staff know how to get the project built. Alpine knows how deliver the paperwork LEED requires. Together we can make your project a success.

LEED FOR PROJECT TEAMS                                                                                          It requires expertise and a practical approach to incorporate LEED into your project. Green building practices have transformed how we design and engineer buildings. LEED Certification is the quality and performance benchmark that most projects choose. Its standards and requirements continue to evolve in step with the architectural and engineering professions. With all of the requirements project teams face, LEED can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

Alpine has the experience and expertise to guide your team through building certification. We stick with the project until Certification is awarded, often long after other consultants’ contracts are completed. Architects and Owners rely on Alpine to do what we do well; which is to manage the LEED Certification process efficiently. Architects hire Alpine because we are more efficient and cost effective at this work than their staff. It makes good business sense and adds value to the project.

Our staff of LEED Accredited Professionals knows their stuff. Our collaborative approach fits seamlessly into even the tightest project schedule. We can streamline the process to fit the requirements of any process, whether we are working with highly experienced teams or folks who are pursuing LEED for the first time. Alpine stays abreast of the changing requirements of the  rating systems so project teams can do what they do best; which is design and delivery the best buildings possible for their clients.

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