All Star Volvo

4/5/2103: USGBC Awards All Star Volvo’s new dealership building LEED Silver

All Star Volvo in Baton Rouge is one of the first of Volvo North America’s facilities to be LEED Certified, and the newest addition to the All Star Automotive Group’s award winning family of dealerships. Volvo customers expect quality and performance from their cars, and All Star Volvo’s new dealership facility in Baton Rouge reflects the legendary quality and performance of the Volvo name.

The new dealership building is energy efficient; consuming 20% less energy than a normal building of its size, without sacrificing comfort for customers and staff. The building is also water efficient; with plantings that don’t require constant irrigation and plumbing fixtures that will save over 14,000 gallons of water annually; a 32% reduction in water used inside the building.

Good design, safety, and quality construction are hallmarks of Volvo automobiles. All Star Volvo’s new facility reflects the same commitment to design, safety and quality. The building is designed to take advantage of natural daylight. It uses advanced lighting technology to showcase Volvo’s fuel efficient vehicles in a pleasing and comfortable environment. High efficiency fluorescent and LED lighting supplement abundant daylight throughout the facility. Automatic shades, sensors and controls make sure every space is comfortable and well lit. The building is heated and cooled with highly efficient equipment and controlled by a system designed to save energy.

All Star Volvo’s new dealership is a healthy and safe building by design. The project team made sure to use materials that are non-toxic and promote good indoor air quality. During construction, the contractors followed a plan designed to protect workers and employees, as well as the building itself from mold, moisture and contamination. The materials and finishes chosen release little or no contaminates that pollute the building.

All Star automotive Group worked closely with the design team and general contractor to insure that the construction of their new facility met high standards for quality and environmental responsibility. 93% of the building waste generated during the construction was recycled and diverted from going to a landfill, and over 13% of the materials used in the building were manufactured using recycled materials. 22% of the building products came from local and regional manufacturers, which reduces pollution and helps support the regional economy. Most of the wood used throughout the building came from companies that sustainably manage and protect our forests.

Environmental care is a core value of Volvo North America. Volvo is committed to producing high quality and efficient products worldwide. All Star Automotive Group is proud to be a part of Volvo’s commitment to environmental quality. LEED Silver Certification demonstrates All Star’s commitment, as well as Volvo North America’s commitment to providing customers with the quality and performance they expect. All Star Automotive Group invites you to come see the new facility for yourself. Tour the building, take a test drive, and see why All Star Volvo is a leader in sales and service; and now a leader in environmental responsibility.